Invisible Brace

The ultimate aesthetic brace! Simple Lingual uses brackets positioned on the inside of the mouth to gently move and align the front 4-6 teeth, for those patients where speed and appearance are essential.

The term lingual refers to the attachment of braces on the inner surface of the tooth, inside the mouth where they cannot be seen. They are totally inconspicuous! Your teeth can be straightened without worrying about your appearance. Because lingual braces are hidden behind your teeth, you can enjoy the process much more.

While revelling in the secret transformation of your smile, you will notice how your teeth are changing when you look in the mirror. Lingual braces are customised to your mouth which helps make them efficient, effective and less intrusive.

We onew-stbnly use the best materials and that is why we have chosen STb brackets, STb uses light forces to move the teeth. With our lingual system, the fit and comfort are optimum.